Why Clients Choose David

Beyond producing aesthetically and technically captivating images, there are a few more reasons why clients from around the world choose David.  David provides an exceptional mix of traditional and avant garde,  creative and calculated.  This includes not only his work in Kauai and Hawaii, but throughout the world.

star_32x32 Hotels and Resorts choose David for his notably unique specialties consisting of architecture, interiors, and food.  Very few photographers can offer this combination of expertise.  This means more efficiency and a more cohesive, appealing brand image.

home_32x32Architects and Designers commission David to chronicle their projects because he understands the mix of art, precision, technology, heart, soul, and real-world production that goes into each of their works.  These same aspects go into every image David produces.

clock_32x32Developers choose David to showcase their work because he consistently finds the most eye-capturing and pleasing manners in which to present their work.

cog_32x32Agencies choose David for his ease to work and communicate with, responsibility, and efficiency.  After all, it’s always a collaboration.

check_alt_32x32 Restaurants choose David to produce their imagery for his ability to create delicious food and drink photography and amazing interior images as well.

How We Work:

Our workflow begins long before we are setting up the camera or taking a photo.

We believe that the style of the image itself should reflect the subject and client.  This means considering the subject carefully before beginning to think about perspective and perhaps more importantly, long before beginning the post-processing of each image occurs.  How is the subject?

Next, what is the psychological impact and draw of the subject being photographed?  Any image is interpreted both physically through the eye itself and, perhaps more importantly, psychologically.  Individuals also project themselves into each image.  David takes into consideration where the eye naturally wants to go, along with the impact, attraction, and interest of a subject or space to the psyche.

In terms of Architectural Photography, each project presents an opportunity to convey the character, design, and space formed by the architecture.  Of course, these spaces are a mix of form and function interacting.  The form also interacts with nature and it’s surroundings, while there is human interaction with both simultaneously.  This mix of form interacting with space and life is a part of the images David produces.  David carefully assesses, plans, and finally captures these architectural spaces through photography in the same precise, creative, and careful manner that went into them.

In terms of our Food Photography, many of these aspects still apply.  How is the dish?  How does it taste?  Is it bright and light, or is it deep and complex?  As you will note in our photos, we tend to stay away from fads (the current fad is placing 90% of the importance on rustic props).  Our photography is “food-centric.”  This food-centricity is our style.  We like the importance and viewers attention on the dish or product at hand, not an overly rustic background.  Our food photography does this in a deliciously luminous style.

For Product Photography, it becomes even more important to take into consideration the specific target audience.  While many times this is determined by marketing and art directors before-hand and is the very reason a photographer is chosen, but we still like to think about who is going to be presented the images if possible.  Subtle differences in lighting, focus, and framing can make a big difference in the final image, even within a style of photography.  David’s ability to create these subtle differences within his personal style is another reason why we are different.

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